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Related article: Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 16:03:09 -0700
From: John Smith
Subject: Favor 3I couldn't get the taste of his cum out of my mouth.It didn't matter that weeks had passed. It didn't matter that Animal
pretended like nothing had ever happened, then disappeared after a quiet
break-up with Sasha. It didn't matter that I watched him win his last
football game, waving, screaming for him all the while...None of it mattered.I loved the feeling of the weights tearing my muscles. The burning was
cathartic. I got what I deserved. What was I thinking? Sasha wanted me
to check if he was gay, not prove it... What kind of slut would do what I
do? Did I have no self-control at all? Maybe little preteen lolita bbs the reason Animal didn't
want me anymore is because I am a horny hermit loser. He must have thought
I was such a whore! Never again. I am going back to where I was: clean,
silent, asexual, invisible.The weight room was empty. Well, other than me working the machines in the
middle and Sasha bouncing in the corner with 5-pound dumbbells in each hand
and 6-pound headphones arching from ear-to-ear in a fluffy rainbow.There was never any awkwardness between me and Sasha. If we were silent,
it was because she was waiting for the right moment to speak.She had waited longer than usual today.
After a while someone sauntered in and stared. I had seen him before
somewhere. Shiny hair, cocky smile, huge muscles. I thought for a moment
it preteen lolitas in panties might be Animal, but I could tell from his strut that it wasn't. I put
the weights back in place.I felt a hand on my back shoulder. "Hey, you are Jeremy, right?""Yeah," I said. "You look familiar. Do I know you?""Probably, man. I am the varsity quarterback, after all, man. Steven
Carmichael." He smirked. "Listen, I need a favor.""Oh yeah?""Yeah man. I was going to celebrate my win man, my big win. But my girl
is out of town with her parents, and she left me with blue-balls here, some
big hairy blue balls, and I was thinking...I might let you drain them for
me."My mouth curled. "No offense Steven, but why did you think that I would
want that?""Well, I heard that you sucked off the Animal I heard that you are a
pretty eager cocksucker man, and I have no problem with that, man, if you
know what I mean."I froze. I didn't know what to say.Then I saw big fluffy headphones in my peripherals. "Steven, why aren't
you out getting drunk like usual?" Sasha was scowling."Oh hey Sasha," Steven said. "You okay girl? Man, I'm sorry about what
happened with you and the Animal. I heard he dumped you hard, girl. If
you want, we can get drunk, girl, if you would like that, get real drunk
and have some fun, if you know what I mean.""Sorry boy but I am still way too choked up about that hard dumping.
I was a mess right Jeremy?""Yeah," I said. "She was even messier than usual," I said."Maybe not get drunk," Sasha said, "but I do need someone to help me
perfect my newly designed man-bra pencil sharpener. It fits right on to
your boy-nipples, and then every time you sharpen a pencil it jiggles
sensuously. It has the added bonus of making your pectorals look bigger.""I don't need any pencil-sharpening nipples! No, my pecs are big enough.
Here look, girl--"He began to pull off his shirt, but Sasha pulled it back down.
"Steven if you take off your shirt, I am going to attach the man-bra to
you. I should warn you, I have had some trouble getting them off after I
get them on the suction y'know it's like glue."Steven frowned. "Okay, okay, girl. Don't go crazy. Alright, I'll see you
around, Jeremy." He grabbed his dick before he turned around and walked
away.Sasha and I were staring at each other, swallowing our laughter."I hope he didn't upset you by talking about Animal," I said, once Steven
was out of earshot."Jeremy. Do I look mad?"I looked. Her jaw quivering; her eyes twinkling; her fluffy headphones
drooping.I laughed. "By mad, do you mean angry or crazy? You don't look angry," I
said slowly."Exactly," she said, smirking.I was about to start the weights again, but then I paused. "Did you really
design a man-bra pencil sharpener?"She contorted her mouth. "Honestly, Jeremy do you really think I would
come up with something that stupid?"I considered answering. Then I started lifting the weights.***It was the first basketball game of the season. Last possession. Tank top
drooping. Sweat running from my open pits. The ball in my hands. I
crossed over my defender, took a step back, and focused on the hole.Then I saw it. Behind the basket flashed a pair of deep, twinkling blue
eyes. His hand brushing through his dirty blond hair in anticipation, his
big bicep quivering, like always. Animal.And I wasn't just imagining it.I passed the ball off to our tallest player. I barely took note as he
missed the bank shot underneath. Time expired. I was off the court in a
blur, my eyes down.I opened the locker room door. Somehow he had gotten there before me. just naked lolita pics He
stood casually in the shadowed doorframe, the wavy silhouette of his
rippling muscles glinting like a lake in the dark.I turned around and walked away. He grabbed my shoulder and I shrugged him
off. "Hey nice game man. Can we talk?""I think you've talked enough," I said icily."Woah, man. What are you talking about?"I left the gym, smashing the door open. He followed."Nothing really important. Just that Carmichael, the world-famous
quarterback, seemed to think I might free lolita model pics be a good substitute for a cunt. Very
kind of him to give me the opportunity. I'm sure you two had a great
laugh."I slammed my car door on him, his half-open mouth and wispy eyes wringing
in my brain the entire drive home.The shower spray was thick, pattering, and loud. I let it scald me, the
pressure blasting dents into my skin. I was too angry to touch the soap.
I was too angry to touch the shampoo. I was even too angry to touch my
dick. After a sigh and a turn of a nude preteenlolita models mpegs knob, I wrapped the towel around my
waist and trudged out.Then my phone started buzzing and the doorbell rang at the same time.One of Sasha's little pranks. She liked to distract me from failure from
as many directions as possible. I read her message on the phone as I went
to open the door for her.The message read, "Y did u storm out? I had to tell your coach u had
explosive diarrhea. Sheesh, it is just a JV basketball game, it's not like
anyone watches those anyway.""Oh shut up," I said, looking up at the opening door. Except it wasn't
Sasha."Aren't you supposed to wait until I start talking first?" Animal asked,
color filling his thin face.I paused for a second, dumbstruck. "How do you even know where I live?" I
finally screamed."Calm down. It's called a student directory. Now listen, we need to
talk."I tried to slam the door, but he pushed it open. I glared at him as he
slipped inside and shut the door softly."I didn't tell Steven Carmichael anything.""Bullshit.""No, Jeremy, I didn't. I told no one--except my best friend Emily. I
thought she could keep a secret. I didn't know who else to talk to.""You should have talked to me! Instead, you treat me like shit, and
I I "I couldn't finish my sentence. nude preteenlolita models mpegs I was so tense; there were lumps in lolita mpegs dog fuckers my
throat; I couldn't swallow them all. Animal draped his big arms around me
in a warm, strong hug, and I mini models pic lolita melted into him. He ran his hand through my
hair, and I buried my face into his shoulder."Did you really suck off Steven Carmichael?" he asked softly. Did I make
it sound like I had? Or had Steven made it sound like I had?"So what if I did?" I said before I could stop myself."Jeremy, it's just I hate to say it, but Steven is a total player. All
he wants is a hole for his dick. That's all anyone ever is to him.
Believe me; I have seen his trail of girlfriends. It's not cute.""I don't know " I said softly. "At least Steven asks me to suck him
off. You, on the other hand, just command me to. Like some kind of
slave."Animal exhaled slowly into my ear. "You know you preteen lolitas in panties liked it.""Get off me!" I said, pushing at his tough chest muscles. He didn't move."C'mon," he said. "You know you like my hot body wrapped around you.""I'd rather be with Steven," I snarled.His smile finally fell. "You don't mean that.""Yeah, I do. Steven actually cares about me." So I was bluffing a little.
Hell, he deserved it. "Steven wouldn't just abandon me for no reason for
three weeks straight! Steven is a man that can be counted on."Animal growled. Suddenly we were wrestling; we fell to floor; I clawed and
thrashed; but soon I was on my stomach with soft hands gripping each of my
shoulders, forcing me into the rug."Look," he said. "I am sorry! I just needed some time to find some stuff
out about myself.""And what did you find?""I found that what I really wanted is you.""You just want me to suck your cock," I said into the carpet, my voice
breaking."No. I just want to kiss you.""My mouth isn't going anywhere near your body!" I roared."Maybe it won't have to," Animal said.Animal's hands rolled down my shoulder blades and into the small of my
back. I was suddenly aware of how naked I was. There was nothing but a
towel wrapped around me. Animal's migrating hands discovered the towel,
and pushed it down."What are you " I never finished my sentence. Instead, I gasped.Animal's mouth found the lips of my ass. His face dug in for a long, wet
kiss. His tongue curled out, ringing my hole. His slurping was strong,
lithe, and wet.I found myself pushing back so that he could tongue me deeper. His hands
stretched my bubble butt apart, opening my hole to the icy air. I
shivered, my asshole tingling and sharp. His tongue smothered it."Oooo," I moaned, humping my ass back into his hot face.Animal shoved his thick, powerful tongue deep inside. I squealed. His
tongue lapped slowly yet roughly against my entrails; I was shaking as his
tongue swirled and dug."Animal..." I whispered."Yeah?" he said, leaving my ass cold."I don't want to be afraid anymore Animal.""You don't have to be," he said, massaging my ass cheeks."Please Animal--please fuck me," I whispered. "Please -have mercy on
your slave."---Author's Note: Would it be boring if I included a sex scene between Jeremy
and Animal? Disappointed in the lack of sharks? Please email me at
krazytopgmail.com! Thank you for the awesome.
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